Timothy Frame Photography is located in central Hamilton specializing in commercial, fashion/editorial and wedding photography. Tim completed a Bachelors degree in Media Arts in 2008 and for the past seven years has worked as a photographer in New Zealand and abroad. Over this time Tim has gained a  well rounded knowledge of photography and developed his own personalized style.

Let us help you to get the right photos for your needs. We believe the most important element in photography is communication with you the client. We endeavor to provide all out clients with a unique experience that is tailored to there needs. For example if you were a company looking for a series of photographs that illustrated who your company is, what services your company provides and possibly products your company sells. In the initial consultation we would get a idea of what type of photographs you are looking for and ask you to collect any photos you have seen that are similar to the type of photos you would like. This would normally take place over the phone and/or email. The second consultation would take place at your business or our studio where we would review the images you have collected. Show you similar examples of past projects, review any of the physical products and get an estimate of how many staff members require photos. From here we would be able to provide an accurate quote for the job. After the photos had been taken. We would review the photographs with you and apply retouching as necessary.

The flexibility of being able to work in-studio or on-location means we’re able provide you with the right type of location for your photos. We are able to travel to any location within NZ and abroad if required. Coupling effective communication skills, with the right location, excellent lighting, composition and retouching skills we have the tools necessary to promote your business, brand identity, product or special day. If you would like any further information, click on the, ‘Contact’ link located in the menu bar on the top left-hand side of page.


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